Behind the success of Bohdeline stands firmly the role of Mr Bambang S Sugiarto as the owner who is academically a graduate of Metallurgy Engineering. As a real entrepreneur, he always views the outdoor style as an essential source of inspiration resulting to produce the products that are always in harmony with both the environment as well as the demands of furniture fashion. Bohdeline is a trademark. It is built from every skills of our craftsmanship and a good standard of operation in our production lines so as to create products in guaranteed quality.

"Bohdeline is a brand of quality"

"We are a manufacturer and exporter outdoor furniture"

Since 1999, BOHDELINE has grown fast putting the role as the most reliable company into its implementation to support the furniture industries.

This continuous effort has been fully supported by always improving skills of our Craftsmanship as also away to the preservation of tradition in weaving, a precious heritage of local community in Cirebon - Indonesia, We design and manufacture a wide list of elegant furniture in high quality. it is a perfect combination of resin wicker intertwined in various ways with aluminum, teak and upholstered furniture.

We believe that good Craftsmanship supported by high quality materials will always be in fashion


Wicker Synthetic Weaving, Upholstered Furniture, Rattan Furniture, Rattan Wicker Outdoor, Sling Furniture, Stainless steel, Teak Recycle, Dining Chair, Living Chair, Lounger Chair, Sofa 2.5 Seat, Love Seat, Lamp, Bar Chair, Outdoor Dining, Outdoor Living, Teak Table, Deep Seat

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